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Check Out Vasseur International, Inc. # Anti Wrinkle Beauty Pillow - Ivory

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Where to buy cheap Vasseur International, Inc. The Vasseur Beauty Pillow is a specialty pillow designed to prevent sleep wrinkles - wrinkles that are caused or worsened by sleeping on your side 6-8 hours a night, every night, over many years. When your face is pressed against a cotton pillow for hours at a time, it wears down the elastin on your face and the wrinkles formed press into your skin can become permanent over time.

The Beauty Pillow is uniquely designed to comfortably support and cradle your head while keeping your delicate facial tissues away from the pillow, thus preventing wrinkles from being ironed into your skin. The Beauty Pillow is hand made in the USA and comes with a beautiful luxurious satin pillowcase, which reduces the press and pull of fabric on the skin and hair.

Besides protecting your face from sleep wrinkles, the Beauty Pillow also has some great additional benefits:

* The satin pillowcase helps prevent hair creasing.

* The Beauty Pillow can be used to comfortably support your head while reading in bed and to support breast feeding.

* We have heard numerous reports that sleeping on the Beauty Pillow helps reduce snoring and alleviate TMJ.

The Beauty Pillow was created by Melanie Vasseur, a Cosmetic Chemist and Esthetician with over twenty years in the skin care industry. The Pillow been endorsed by numerous professionals including dermatologists, general surgeons, estheticians, chiropractors and plastic surgeons and has become a "sleeper hit" with our clients over the past 15 years.

For extra satin pillowcases (now on SALE!), go to the top of your screen and search for "Vasseur Beauty Pillowcase" » Continue Reading about Anti Wrinkle Beauty Pillow - Ivory.

Anti Wrinkle Beauty Pillow - Ivory
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